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commenti su Ken (x ridere)

Messaggioda Hokuto. » 23/10/2016, 18:35

Mentre cercavo cose mie sul manga, i commenti hanno catturato la mia attenzione.
Alcuni sono molto spassosi e goliardici e li ho copiati.

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The manly journey, starts!
Even the start is so manly
Elfman's inspiration

for a manga this old quite impressive art (aspetta e vedra, figliolo. ndH)

Testosterone man strikes again!

It seems like the adventure is too manly for her to join Ken.

"You are already dead"
Ahhh he said the thing!
I'm going to like this.

Deus Ex Machina: The Manga

Manly shirt ripping time

The amount of hair on my chest has doubled reading these three chapters.
Mines would do the same if I was male!
read the full series, you'll have a penis

#Mandom( =3=)

ya gotta get those nutrients, mhmmmm

wow that was amazingly badass...i cant believe its taken me this long to read this

After I finish this my vocabulary will just be manly
think of it as one punch man with hair and manly chest

its so manly that even manly dudes dont have dicks (riferito a Shin censurato ndH)

so manly I grew the manliest manly beard possible in 3 seconds
so damn manly that it not only make you grew a beard in 3 seconds, but also that beard will grow another beard! MANLY

This is reminding me of one punch man lmfao, ken is so over powered

Ken, I know your manliness will prevail and beat the hell out of this so called King! Oh and get the woman in the end

This pacing...its just ....SO FOCKING MANLY!!

Manliest tears I've ever seen.


I cant handle that much manlyness.

you know why julia didn't love u? because u didn't have a d*ck......but u were cool in your last moments tho so ill let ken make u a grave.....
btw whos the next boss.......?

Every badass needs a loli( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )
And Ken will be the badass who gets all the lolis


Duuuuuude that awesome entrance! I don't remember choosing you, what who is that, the God of death fuuuuuuuck

Rolento is that you? o.0 (it look the same as the Street Fighter character xD)

The artwork is surprisingly good.

these aren't tears, they are MANLY tears *sniff* *sniff* TT-TT

I'm on the bus, crap..trying not to cry manly tears.

Just too invincible, even Saitama will have to watch out for Ken

Yoooo so tell me this doesn't remind you of Kaido from one piece

Damn son! Kenshiro is like Batman, Bruce Lee, Sam Fisher, and The Punisher all rolled together.

The Rakan Niou-Ken guy looks an awful lot like Luffy's Gear 4th. Oda has mentioned before that he was a big fan of FotNS. That's pretty cool.

How much money does Ken spend on new clothes?
His outfit is a manifestation of his touki no aura, duh.

Dude, did you even read the chapter? He just PRETENDING to be his older brother in order of save his own sorry ass of the manly fury of Ken.

F#cking awesome! It is so manly, that I have to shave my beard every chapter.


I just had a mangasm reading that last page.

Did the author forget Ken said the barkeeper would die in a month if Ken didn't do something to stop it?
Actually, you can see the bartender in the page where Ken meets the old man.
As you can see he is running to him trying to get cured but it wasnt important enough so it wasnt addressed formally

What is Ben Kenobi doing in this manga?

"Relax, That guy is already dead"...I never knew badassery can be this funny

But when you're that manly, it's hard not to flex your shirt off

So Ken has a superior version of the 100 Crack Fist? I wonder why he doesn't use it more often.
The funny thing is how the guy is some no-name punk! (I think Zan Kai Seki Ho Ken may be superior to this, going by the anime at least. I'll need to read that chapter again before I'm sure...)

Marriage proposal done right.
Manly men don't confess they put a blood stained veil on their woman

No gesture to feminism here.

Nah, it was manly ( =3=)

Nothing like a nice helping of vintage misogyny.
Or is it futuristic misogyny?

I feel scared for her and Ken as well cause if she could see Ken she could prove his innocence just in case Ken flexes his muscles too hard and rips his shirt (she è Aily non vedente ndH)

Well I say Kenshiro waits for Lin to grow up

I can feel some Berserk in the air tonight

Words can't describe how torn this man's anus is about to become.

He's beyond fucked.
Manliest manly comment I've ever read !

the most badass finger point i have ever seen.

You're Heisenberg (rif a Jagi)

still waiting for Kenshiraoh the daughter of Kenshiro and Raoh

Mad Max?
Master Blaster?
I'm out of Mad Max characters.

Too cool for dem fools

Chuck Norris Approves!

If you remember in an earlier chapter when Ken was struck by multiple metal tubes, he forced them out of his body and with what I can only call the sheer power of MANLINESS, he closed his wounds by flexing.


I wonder where Ken get his clothes after ripping them apart? Is this the sorcery of the Fist of the north star technique?
Obviously Ken used the Fist of the North Star Secret Technique -- Super Sewing Pressure Point
You can do anything as long as you have the Fist Of the north star technique.

man he is so manly that his back and chest grow hair so fast and sew itself into new clothes -
P.S. the process of growing and sewing is so quick that it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Say my name bitch!
ok i guess....Bitch ( ._.)

Until the end, until the very end... I somehow still like Jagi.
its the helmet....
yup its the helmet

two muscley men with no shirts on. Mmmmmm

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