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Re: Buonasera a voi!

Messaggioda The Ubbergeek » 20/12/2013, 22:41

For all the... epicalness of the famous french dub, the voices in themselves were good if you ask moi, fitting characters. And the 86 movie shown us how pro they got when more focused... Shin's had that ambitious, nefarious edge, fitting paralel to the original japanese one and also to Streamlines(?) english dub Shin back then.

In the anime and to a point games fandoms, dubs have a certain bad image and frankly at times it's deserved, but at times it's a snobbery... And Ken's Rage's english dub was rather nice if you ask me; Shin's was quite fitting, the punks are good, and Yuda's was even superior to the original japanese one if you ask moi. Only Raoh's seemed a bit lacking at times, less roary enthusiast or angry than expected.
It's a shame that Koei-Tecmo hadn't the time to expend on it and use it in Ken's Rage II...

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