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Inviato: 30/11/2005, 23:05
da Kenshiro Romero
Sha Po Lan -New Martial Arts Movie

Well I saw the trailer for it not to long ago and spent most of the day looking for it. It's very gritty and very hard boiled movie. It's supposed to be Hong Kong's return to hard hitting crime/thriller/action genre. Anyway it stars Simon Yam (YAY!), Sammo Hung (YAY!) and Donnie Yen (HELL YEAH!)

Check it out. The trailer is in Realplayer but it's a high quality realplayer trailer -best thing I've ever seen on realplayer actually.


Inviato: 30/11/2005, 23:17
da Bai Xue
Wow very good martial art!
It's a pity I understand very little Cantonese...

Inviato: 01/12/2005, 0:24
da Impe
Donnie Yan is a great performer! :)

Inviato: 02/12/2005, 6:04
da Kenshiro Romero
Here is a torrent for it. The movie is incredible.