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Inviato: 13/09/2005, 14:59
da Impe
Con Windows XP sono possibili dei malfunzionamenti con i vari Gekiuchi (comprese le versioni trial) ,cerchero' di illustrarvi in pochi passi,con questo tutorial,cosa fare per poter giocare senza problemi questi capolavori.


START>Pannello di Controllo> Opzioni Internazionali e della Lingua

Andare su Lingue e spuntare la casella [Installa i file delle lingue dell'Asia orientale] Avrete bisogno del CD d'installazione Windows XP.

Inviato: 13/09/2005, 15:00
da Impe
Una volta installati tali files,sempre dal pannello Opzioni Internazionali e della Lingua andare su Opzioni Internazionali e dal menu a tendina selezionare il Giapponese come lingua del sistema. [GUARDARE SCREENSHOT]


A questo punto riavviare il PC e installare il gioco.

GUIDA IN INGLESE tratta dal Forum di heartofmadness.com

Guide to Using the Gekiuchi Games on Windows XP

Gekiuchi Zero
In this game you get to train with Master Ryuuken on some mostly easy training tasks. Basically you get to smash stuff up and beat up some lame enemies. A bit strange they released this after the much improved Gekiuchi 2 was released. Maybe they were aiming at the target audience of kids who have never touched a keyboard and are too young to be shown any blood? Very odd. Anyway...

Nothing special needed here, not even changing regional options. Just extract the files and run GEKIUCHI0.EXE. No install is needed, it will run from wherever you put it. The Japanese characters will only display if you install Quicktime 3 and AppLocale (see Gekiuchi 1 & 2 below), but unless you read Japanese there's no need to bother.

Press space to skip through the text or any cutscenes. The main screen has all the stages listed, so just click one to enter. The options at the bottom of the screen let you look at your typing stats and do simple drills. The option to the bottom right lets you exit the game. Your stats are saved automatically.

Gekiuchi 1 SE
The game is too short and there isn't enough variety, but this is where it all started. You get to fight the minor boss-type enemies from the early part of the first series of the Hokuto no Ken anime. I was pleased to see Devil Rebirth in there. Oh and you get to fight Raoh as well, oddly missing out the other important fighters. I guess they thought they couldn't have a game without him.

This game doesn't need you to change any regional settings on your PC. However you have to install QuickTime 3.Get it here. The installer is Japanese but all you have to do is keep clicking the button with the > on it. I have had no problems installing QT3 while keeping my more recent version of QuickTime. Just be sensible and when you see an option labelled ®, click it and change the default folder to "C:\Program Files\QuickTime 3" so it doesn't overwrite any files. Then run fist.exe to play.

Gekiuchi 2
This is where this series starts getting good. It has a lot going for it: decent voice acting leading into and out of each fight, a full soundtrack of the most memorable songs from the series, you get a change of pace by fighting some everyday punks as well as the martial artists, and you have the cool feature that you can play as Raoh against Kenshiro.

This time you will need to install a program called AppLocale to tell your PC the game is Japanese. Download it here. Install the registry file included to add the option to run any program on your PC in "Locale Japanese" to your right-click menu. Then right-click the correct EXE file (it's the one with the icon of a pink square with a little arrow in it) and choose that option to play.

You can skip through text and cutscenes by clicking and pressing enter (space does nothing). Once again, the main menu has all the stages laid out on one screen, and from left to right the buttons at the bottom are game options, high scores, credits and an exit button.

Gekiuchi 3
This game takes a little more effort to set up, but it's really worth it. You get to fight all the main martial arists from the series in one game - all the way from Heart to Kaioh. It's a longer and much tougher game than the others, with various game modes. (I've counted seven so far, and I assume you get an extra mode when you complete it.) The art and animation really take a step up from the other games, and the specially-drawn manga pop-ups during the fights and animated special attacks make it a lot more exciting. Sometimes the keys you're supposed to press fly around really quickly and all over place, again making the game harder than before.

1. First extract the game as normal. This time you'll have to install it, so run Setup.exe. It will display lots of strange text in the window that opens, but don't worry, just keep clicking the "next" button (it's the one next to the exit button which is in the bottom right corner of the install window). When you get to a screen that has your username at the top and some blank spaces below it, type your serial number into the bottom space. Complete the install.

2. Go to Start Menu>Control Panel>Regional & Language Options>Standards and formats>choose "Japanese". You may want to switch this option back to English when you have finished playing.

3. Install AppLocale and its accompanying registry file. Then right-click the game icon in your start menu or on your desktop (its the one with a "3" in it) and choose "Locale Japanese." Enjoy!

When the game has loaded, you can click or press enter to skip cutscenes if you want. The main menu has a lot of options because it's a big game. Click or press the letter keys to choose a game mode, Q to quit and when you're in a menu, R to take you back to the previous one.

Game A: The main one. You play 10 rounds against Ken's main enemies from both series.
Game B: You get to play as the people you've defeated in game A. So Heart can crush Kenshiro teehee.
Game C: ? Ooh. Mysterious. Complete the game to access...?
Game D: Five bonus games. These are all really fun. You get to fight loads of thugs that drive at you on their bikes which have oversized "key" license plates (K), beat up Heart without him fighting back (L), wreck Jagi's statue (M), fight Amiba and his pressure point training dummy (N) and replay the Rei Vs Yuda battle as Rei, taking on some thugs first (O). Amiba offers you three different minigames. In the first, you attack his training dummy and new words appear before the old ones are done. Our resident researcher Jonny2x4 will love the second and third games, which are not only timed attacks but also seem to be Hokuto Trivia-ken minigames. Wish I understood Japanese!
Menu E: Look at your stats for each level.
Menu F: The "Illustrated Book", actually just a page of info on each character.
Menu G: Options. Thank god, I worked out that the difficulty setting is the 5th row down, the one with four options. The one on the far left is so easy you can win with one-finger typing, and the one to the far right is inhumanly difficult.

Still Not Working?
Sometimes people have problems with a bug in Macromedia Director, the software used to make these games. Try the following:

Start Menu>Settings>Control Panel>System>Virtual memory>Change>Custom Size>Initial Size & Maximum Size> set both to 4000 MB. Obviously make sure that where it says "space available", the number should be bigger than 4000.

Inviato: 14/09/2005, 11:46
da Berserk86
imperatore ma che causa problemi??intendo se volessi tornare poi alal lingua italiana si puo???

Inviato: 14/09/2005, 14:12
da Kensirou
Certo, basta impostare di nuovo "Italiano" e riavviare il computer.

Inviato: 14/09/2005, 15:26
da Impe
Esatto. :)

Inviato: 02/10/2005, 10:49
da Impe
Per Caio:

Avviate l'installazione e arrivati al momento in cui vi sono tre righe di cui la centrale © vuota e l'ultima con la scritta GU3 dovrete aggiungere il seriale nella terza riga e nella seconda potete scriverci quello che vi pare.
Potrete così continuare l'installazione.

Inviato: 03/10/2005, 12:23
da Raoh
Ho capito,ma dove trovo il numero seriale da inserire???Grazie

Inviato: 03/10/2005, 14:44
da Impe
E' nello zip. :)

Inviato: 03/10/2005, 20:52
da Raoh
Grazie molte.Se non vado fuori topic ho appena scaricato il gran gioco per PSX ma mi si impalla durante l'inizio del gioco,quando Ken cammina nel deserto.Ho fatto le seguenti operazioni :

1)Apro Nero

2)Appare la finestra crea CD/DVD,seleziono ANNULLA

3)Clicco in alto su MASTERIZZATORE

4)Seleziono tipi di file .CUE(estratto insieme al .bin dal RAR/ZIP)

5)Velocita' scrittura 16x

Ho Fatto tutto correttamente?forse devo diminuire la velocita' ma il min. per il mio lettore e' 10x......mah non saprei,qualcuno ha gia' provato??

Inviato: 06/10/2005, 21:04
da Impe
Saku vedi se questo link puo' esserti d'aiuto: