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Jagi, Is the third eldest of the four Hokuto brothers. Upon hearing of Ryuuken's choice of successor, Jagi refuses to acknowledge his younger brother as stronger, or greater than him. Jagi challenged Kenshiro to a match, one which ended with Kenshiro emerging victorious, although Jagi cheated using weapons. Kenshiro then showed his brother mercy, but to show his disgust, he badly disfigures Jagi's face, forcing him to wear a mask. Jagi was expelled from the dojo, and formed his own gang, in attempt to humiliate Kenshiro and tarnish his name, Jagi resorts to butchery and later kidnaps Rei's sister, Airi. Jagi gives himself 7 scars on his chest so as to further convict Kenshiro of these crimes. It was Jagi, whom convinced Shin to abduct Julia. Upon hearing of his brothers misgivings, Kenshiro sets off to find Jagi, and challenges him to one final battle.
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The King of Villains.
He is the coolest chara of the game. :jagiride:
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