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Inviato: 19/10/2010, 13:45
da Kenshiro80
Hi guys! Having just played the demo, here's my thoughts on what I saw. First off, great presentation, plenty of colour and the characters on the screen moved fluidly, and at a reasonable pace. The fight was Vs. Jagi, this choice surprised me a little, as I was expecting a prototype mock-up level. The voice over was entertaining, Jagi was spot on, I think Ken's English voice will grow on me, given time. Ken has four signature moves from the off, none other than his most famous Hundred Crack Fist. The other three are the seven stars of death, Softness ripping slash and the Heavenly Destruction. The demo did contain all three difficulty levels-Easy, Normal and Hard. And an option for Mild or Extreme blood! The original Japanese voice option was there for selection as well. Having owned the Japanese version titled "Hokuto Musou" for a while, I found this a very good upgrade to say the least, and those of you out there considering wether or not to get Ken's Rage because of owning the Japanese version, get it, because if you don't.... well, YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD!

Overall Score 10/10!


Inviato: 19/10/2010, 14:14
da Impe
How about Rei? :)