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Juza, AKA Jyuza, is one of the 5 Nanto Goshasei stars, and represents the "Cloud" element. As a child, he grew up with Yuria, and eventually fell deeply in love with her. Tragically, he discovers that she is in fact his younger half-sister. This devastates him, and subsequently leads him into a more degenerate and carefree lifestyle. Whilst the other 4 Goshasei fail in halting Raoh's progress towards their Nanto General, Juza emerges as their only remaining hope. He ignores the pleas of the Goshasei until hearing that Yuria is the general in need of his protection. He fights Raoh valiantly, even at one point stealing his horse, Koukougou. Juza refuses to reveal to Raoh the Generals identity right until the very end.
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