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Lee Shellum: I'm Lee Shellum, on behalf of HokutoDestiny.com, I'm International Moderator and News reporter Im joined today by Tecmo Koei's Will Curley, who's kindly agreed to talk to us a little bit about Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage. Will, thank you very much for joining us mate, I really appreciate it, so, FOTNS: Ken's Rage, very, very popular manga, very popular series, I'm a huge fan, tell us a little bit about the game, and what your inspiration was behind doing it?

Will Curley: The original idea behind the game came from an online survey in Japan where we asked fans of our warriors series, what type of game they would like to see us make. First vote was Gundam, the second was Kenshiro. Fist of the North star is known throughout the world by different names, especially in France and Italy and its quite popular there, very popular.

Lee Shellum: Ok Will, Thank you. Next question, Tetsuo Hara, and Buronson, what influence did they have in the games development?

Will Curley: Hara san was what you could say a special advisor, special director on the project and the producer would take all of the designs and images of the characters to Hara san to get them checked, so they were true to his vision. Hara san also said that Ken's Rage was the best Fist of the north star/Kenshiro title he had ever seen so, they were much more hands on with this title as they had been with more games in this series in the past. So its really 100% official sanctioning by them.

Lee Shellum: So you had the complete license to do whatever you want?

Will Curley: Yes. I know there were stories about the model of Raoh, where they had to take that model to Hara san a lot of times before he finally approved the crease in Raoh's forehead, until it was exactly right. If you watch, there is a video message from Hara san to the Italian press, where if you watch that he talks about some of his feelings about the game.

Lee Shellum: That's on our website, it's in Italian, and I havent got a clue, our website creator can translate all of that for us.

Lee Shellum: Next question, due to the success of the Gundam series in particular, they've now gone into a third Gundam game, do you think it's possible we might see a Hokuto No Ken 2 based game?

Will Curley: I can't really comment on that. That would be news which would come out of Japan so as far as I know, we havent even launched the first one yet, so we have to be 100% confident on this one. The cool thing about this one is we do have a full slate of downloadable content, which will be available after the game comes out so, you're not just going to be playing through the game, and then you're finished with it, for example we'll be releasing Heart as a playable character via download, the Outlaw character will be available via download, new scenario's, missions, costumes so whilst theres no sequel announced at the moment, theres loads of DLC available.

Lee Shellum: A couple of things have been doing the rumor mill on the internet, God's Army has been mentioned, and the Jackal character, with Devil Rebirth, do you think its possible that Omega Force would do those eventually as DLC?

Will Curley: I've not heard of anything like that myself, no. That would be something that only they would know.

Lee Shellum: Ok, brilliant, well thank you very much for your time, Thank you.
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Thank you Lee! Interview translated. :good:
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