Tetsuo Hara greets european Fans!!

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Messaggioda Kenshiro80 » 01/11/2010, 12:37

As Mr. Will Curley mentioned in my interview with him this past saturday at the MCM London expo, Tetsuo Hara sent a message to European fans with some of his thoughts about FOTNS: Ken's Rage. Thank you to site founder, and creator, Imperatore, we now have an English Translation! Enjoy Guys!

Hello everybody! My name is Tetsuo Hara!
I'm happy to be here today,knowing that in Europe a lot of fans have showed their interest for Ken's Rage,as much as Japan,if not more!
I also would like to thank Mr. Koinuma and Tecmo/Koei Staff for their support and passion about Hokuto no Ken.
I met Mr.Koinuma for the first time,about 3 years ago and we talked about a possible cross-over between Hokuto no Ken and Dynasty Warriors.
When we started working on this project I was very selective with the development team,in particular about the style and personality of the characters,I tried to give them detailed descriptions.
I think I was very awkward over this, and I would like to take this opportunity to come out with all of my excuses (laugh).
Anyway I think that the final result is a great quality reproduction of Hokuto no Ken,totally in-line with our age.
I would like to thank all of you for being here today and showing my gratitude to Digital Bros for giving their best and have allowed the release of Ken's Rage
in europe on 5th November.
Hope you like the game...else..."you are already dead!"
Omae Wa Mo Shindeiru

Lee Shellum
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Messaggioda Impe » 01/11/2010, 18:51

Thank you my friend :)
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Messaggioda ryo sakazaki » 02/11/2010, 11:04

Tetsuo Hara is Great!!

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