Comic Zenon to be First Manga Anthology Published Entirely Online

Totally english section for worldwide fans!

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Messaggioda » 16/11/2010, 17:52

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know this piece of information. Every issue of Comic Zenon will be made available for online purchase as well! Hopefully that means fans all over the world can keep up with Tetsuo Hara and his manga as it is being released in Japan!

I wrote about it on the blog and posted an image of the free preview here:
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Messaggioda deviljunior » 16/11/2010, 17:56

WOW ! amazing news !

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Messaggioda fist_of_the_north_star » 16/11/2010, 23:07

cool! thx 4 this interesting news!
it sounds good to buy Comic Zenon directly online :)

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Messaggioda Impe » 18/11/2010, 13:33

Good news for western user :)
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