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Inviato: 02/05/2011, 12:10
da The Ubbergeek
You know, we all know some influences of Hara and Buronson.. but there is a possible one that was never brought on.

Violence Jack, the post-apocalypse ultraviolent classic of Go Nagai in late 70s, second(?) part of the early Devilman story.

I means, I had a few volumes/chapiters of the manga translated, and read it.. and one chapiter in special striked me. The early one with the 'underground city', with three 'gangs, - the freemen, the amazones and the punk brutes.

if you look at the punks, and especialy their lord... its clear Hara may have take ideas there. There is some designs similarities with Mad Max (of course), and later Hokuto....

But generaly, early manga, the tokyo wasteland.... I'm sorry Hara and Buronson, I doubt its just some coincidence, unless its just taping the same base metamaterials of course.

I should read it more, dare to watch the OAV to see...

Inviato: 03/05/2011, 9:12
da Impe
Can you link some source like scans or videos? :)

Inviato: 03/05/2011, 9:29
da The Ubbergeek
Nothing much for now... probably due to it's age, relative obscurity AND ultraviolence, the manga is nearly unfoundable... I have posted long ago in the Manga and all forum links to get key volumes of the manga, inclusing the 'burried city' story ark, but they are probably done and gone now.

There is some bits of the OAV on Youtube, and Mangareader have the begining of the saga, reading it.. (its why I made the topic, finaly).

One punk you see shortly in Raoh's army when he fight Shew the Fire Goshasei seems based directly on the boss of those punks that Jack fight in the Sundered City ark