Hokuto no Ken Movie Italian Uncensored VHS

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Hokuto no Ken Movie Italian Uncensored VHS

Messaggioda JoeHfist » 29/12/2013, 19:00

Hi guys! My name is JoeHfist, please take good care of me please?

Today we're going to talk about the Italian VHS of Hokuto no Ken Movie. The Italian VHS copies contained some of the uncensored scenes without video censorship such as Shin sticking his finger in to Ken's chest, decapitated villain spraying blood on Bart's face, and Galf crushing one of the chanter's face with his hand. There are other scenes censored with rainbow blurs such as the villain's skull explodes out of his head, Rei slicing the face of his enemies, and Mr. Heart's stomach explodes.

I believe that all of the scenes without filter and rainbow blurs exists on the Original VHS copies. Those reprint copies are semi-uncensored. If anyone has a original VHS copy of the Italian version of Hokuto no Ken Movie fully uncensored without rainbow blurs or filter, please speak up.

http://www.animenation.net/blog/2013/12 ... ncensored/

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Re: Hokuto no Ken Movie Italian Uncensored VHS

Messaggioda Impe » 31/12/2013, 2:23

Welcome Joe!
I can confirm that a fully uncensored VHS for the italian version of this movie does not exist.
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